The person behind MY NAME IS ANN is Czech born music producer, artist and multiinstrumentalist, and mouthy troublermaker Lenka Morávková. Holding an exclusive 01 visa for exceptional artists, Lenka lives part-time in Los Angeles, also performing with her second project, BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT

With her electronic brainchild MY NAME IS ANN, she invites you to ride-or-die EDM romance. A malicious whisperer,  who delivers her personal stories as a luscious load of  electronic production infused with a deep synth bass, spicy vocals, wild synths, untamed saxophone lines and raw attitude. And moves, yeah,  get ready for some moves. 

Following critically-acclaimed albums RECICLATGE, THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER, SHELTER EP, and an album of SHELTER REMIXES (including Jonathan Snipes from Clipping, Ink Midget, Pjoni), MY NAME IS ANN is also known for her vibrant,  multimedia live shows. On the latest one,  SHELTER TOUR, she partnered with UCLA dancers and leading audiovisual collective Lunchmeat to prepare a kinect- based dance visuals and choreography, performed live with her fellow dancers, Šárka and Svatava Kobzovi.

In anticipation of an upcoming third album RAD!CAL VALENTINE, coming out  in early 2024, MY NAME IS ANN released a the first single and music video FALLING DOWN .  The upcoming second single, TEASE, is a testimony of the unfinished love story and collaborative song with a LA electronic producer, The Guidance, tragically deceased in April 2020. 

Over the last years, MY NAME IS ANN has toured  EU and the US and numerous shows acrros the world - such as All About Music India in Mumbai,  Colours of Ostrava in the Czech Republic, Broke LA in Los Angeles, A 38 in Budapest, Cross Club in Prague, LEM festival in Barcelona and SETI in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, FEM fest in Macedonia and Slovenia, etc. 




The dwarfly malicious, devilishly entertaining, and overall thrilling and colorful ride of My Name Is Ann continues on her "Shelter EP". And if you're not afraid,  hop on the ride too.                                                                                                                                                    

MUSICZONE.CZ by Richard Kutěj

It is also due to this independence, combined with courage and joy in sharing her intimacy with the world, that the album My Name Is Ann is so colorful and sincere. We do not get the chance to encounter something like this on our music scene very often.                

THE WEEK MAGAZINE by Michal Pařízek





West Coast US/ Canada Tour 2014 
European Tour  2015

Broke LA, Los Angeles / USA
Colours of Ostrava festival / CZ
United Islands of Prague Festival / CZ
Caudorella Festival/ Barcelona / ES
Audiovisual Brasil Festival/ Barcelona /ES
Septemberbeam Festival / CZ
On the Road Festival / CZ
Dokořán Festival / CZ
Enter Festival / CZ
Rock na konci léta Festival /CZ
Krach am Bach Oberpöbel Music Festival /DE
Povaleč Festival / CZ
Žižkovská noc Festival / CZ
Rakéta Fesztivál / A 38 / Budapest
FemFest, Ljubjana / SL
La Caja Fuerte / Barcelona / ES
La Puerta Estrecha / Madrid / ES
Loophole / Berlin / DE

SETI festival, Yogyakarta, Indonesia



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